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DB Heavy Maintenance

Cottbus workshop

is the maintenance workshop for diesel-hydraulic and diesel-electric locomotives and their components

Cottbus workshop is one of the most reputable workshop operated by DB Heavy Maintenance. Its core competence is in carrying out the maintenance and overhaul of diesel locomotives. Locomotive overhauls take place in accordance with the maintenance system specified by the customer for each locomotive class, based on the distance covered or at specified time intervals.

In addition to the maintenance of diesel locomotives, upgrades and special modifications, such as engine replacements and repair of accident damage, are also carried out in the Cottbus workshop. The workshop also has the technical expertise to perform the vast majority of the maintenance work on these components in-house and to manufacture new components if required.

As a supplement to the stationary work, Cottbus workshop also provides mobile maintenance services that can be carried out at the customer’s premises. This saves the customer time and vehicle downtimes are reduced to a minimum.

Facts & Figures

  • Site area: 155,000 sqm
  • Built area: 58,341 sqm
  • Employees: approx. 640
  • Separate workshops: bogies, diesel engines (incl. test bench), heat treatment/central welding shop, rods, machining (conventional and CNC systems), electrical machines, surface treatment

Last modified: 03.12.2013

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