Our experts help with implementing Digital Train Twin

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Article: Our experts help with implementing Digital Train Twin

Becoming more connected, twin by twin 

Digital twins are digital doubles of objects or processes from the real world that enable an overarching exchange of data. They are thus an essential component in cross-company digitisation initiatives and are seen as a requirement for the creation of digital ecosystems since they bring together different projects in a holistic structure instead of as individual optimisations. In this way, a networked system of digital twins can continue to grow twin by twin over time. In order to initially keep the complexity of the project manageable, the focus is currently on implementing "Digital Train Twin", in particular with a focus on bogie and door components.  

In this pioneering project, Deutsche Bahn is working together with manufacturers and research institutions in an interdisciplinary team across all business areas to develop the digital twin. We help here with the clustering of work packages, which are processed as part of an overhaul, as well as the specifying the overhaul contents with the required production hours. In addition, we provide a reliable assessment of whether it was possible to eliminate work items as part of an overhaul and evaluate what digitisation measures are feasible (monitoring during operation). Last but not least, we can also show the material costs for each work process and material item for overhaul contents.