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Cottbus maintenance depot

Your competence centre for diesel-hydraulic and diesel-electric rolling stock and their components.

The Cottbus maintenance depot was founded in 1874. We conduct regular maintenance (general overhauls) and (accident) repairs as required by our customers.

The maintenance depot has specialised in conversions, for example the equipment of rolling stock with new engines or modernisations, and creates complex vehicle conversions. An example of such a conversion is the conversion of track recording vehicles for DB Netz AG.
Two locomotives are currently being upgraded with hybrid drives at the Cottbus maintenance depot.

In addition to the work we carry out at the maintenance depot, we also offer an on-site maintenance service. This means that vehicles do not need to be transported and vehicle downtimes are kept to a minimum.

Overhauls, conversions, modernisations and full service solutions

  • Diesel locomotives
  • Electric locomotives
  • DB Netz AG special-purpose vehicles
  • Passenger coaches for long-distance and regional transport

Maintenance, refurbishment and testing

  • Diesel engines
  • Motor bogie frame
  • Traction motors
  • Locomotive frame
  • Locomotive bodies

The Cottbus maintenance depot has experience in manufacturing vehicle parts made of sheet metal (e.g. using laser cutting technology), corrosion protection, material testing as well as vehicle and component measurements.

Reliable partner in document management

  • Support in creating requirements specifications
  • Drafting tender documents
  • Developing prototypes
  • Supervising projects with renowned partners from the rolling stock sector
  • Preparing and implementing approvals and acceptances of rolling stock and components

Innovative approaches at the Bremen maintenance depot

HELMS project (Hybrid Electro-Mechanical Shunter)

As part of the HELMS project at the Cottbus maintenance depot, an innovative hybrid concept for energy-efficient power transmission is being implemented on behalf of DB Cargo on two Class 294 prototypes. It involves the replacement of the conventional hydraulic transmission with a hybrid planetary transmission, which in turn ensures a future-proof energy management system. The expected reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions is 20%.

Class 335 re-engining project

In this project, Class 335 locomotives are equipped with new Caterpillar engines of the type C9.3 with an output of 224 kW. The six-cylinder in-line turbocharged engine allows for a more efficient use of the locomotive compared to its old diesel engine of the type MWM D601-6.
To comply with the strict emission values of emissions limit stage IIIB of the emission standard, the locomotive is retrofitted with an active exhaust gas treatment module (CEM). CEM is a flexible, modular system designed by Caterpillar that includes several components. Among other things, it includes a diesel oxidising catalytic converter and diesel particulate filter.

  • Complex modernisation of 53 electric locomotives for Vattenfall AG
  • Equipment of main-line diesel locomotives (Class 233) and diesel shunting locomotives
  • (Class 29x, Class 36x, Class 298, Class 335) with new engines for DB Cargo
  • Retrofitting BR 266.4 (Class 77) with a Wankel on-board power supply system
  • Conversion/modernisation of RAILAB measuring trains for DB Netz AG
  • Conversion/modernisation of track inspection vehicles for DB Netz AG

The Cottbus maintenance depot can look back on more than 140 years of tradition and experience in vocational education and training. Despite fluctuating order volumes we safeguard the next generation of workers by offering vocational training.

Right from the very beginning of their professional training apprentices can choose to work towards a higher education entrance qualification and thus set the course for further qualification opportunities. This opens the door to further qualifications in the future for these young skilled workers from becoming a master craftsman to graduating with a bachelor’s or master’s degree. The years of experience gained at the Cottbus maintenance depot very often ensures that they can continue their successful career at the maintenance depot.

As the largest industrial employer in Cottbus, internships at the maintenance depot are in great demand by students. Many students from local universities take advantage of this opportunity. A mutually beneficial interdisciplinary cooperation has been in place for several years

The Cottbus maintenance depot also has a lot to offer for pupils. The maintenance depot serves as a permanent cooperation partner at two schools, supporting pupils during their school education and offering them orientation after graduation. This includes, among other things, participating at educational fairs and giving pupils the opportunity to get to know the maintenance depot by organising visits. As a large depot rich in tradition, the Cottbus maintenance depot has been successfully participating and serving as a much sought-after contact partner in the "Family-friendly company in Cottbus" competition.

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