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Dessau maintenance depot

Your competence centre for the maintenance of electric locomotives and components

Our Dessau maintenance depot was established in the 1920s and also includes the gearbox maintenance centre in Chemnitz.

The depot's core competences lie in the maintenance and overhaul of electric locomotives. Locomotives are overhauled in compliance with the maintenance system specified by the customer for each particular class, according to mileage or deadlines set.

Conversions, upgrades and customised work

  • Repair of damage caused to locomotives following accidents
  • Technical knowledge on company-internal maintenance and manufacture


Component production

  • Overhaul of components, from pantographs to wheelsets, all from one source
  • Carrying out of all maintenance and upgrade tasks on site when they are due


Mobile maintenance out of depot

  • Reduced transport routes for the customer
  • Lower vehicle downtimes


Innovative approaches at the Dessau maintenance depot


Design-suitable maintenance following accident damage using the finite element method


An FE model has been created from a 3D CAD model (Inventor) for this purpose. Subsequently, loads and boundary conditions can be added to the model to suit the applicable regulations and the technical status (e.g. EN 12663). A static and dynamic simulation that represents the load on the locomotive body is generated with the hypothetical introduction of relevant loads and support points. The masses are simulated as mass elements in the position of centre of gravity, so that the actual weight distribution in the locomotive can be considered. The depot works closely with the production, welding and design departments to find the best solutions for the particular challenges that can be expected in maintenance technology. The experience and manual skills of the staff employed on these projects play a decisive role in their success.

· Driver assistance system for Class 145 and Class 152 locomotives·         

· Optimisation of maintenance specifications for Class 185 and Class 152 locomotives

· Maintenance of main transformers on ICEs

· Improvement of power converters on Class 185 locomotives

· Stabilisation of the traction motor insulation system

· Enhancement of reliability of climate control systems on Class 185 and Class 189         locomotives

· Installation of climate control systems in the driver's cabs of Class 152 and Class 111 locomotives

· Installation of LED lights on Class 101 and Class 185 locomotives

Each year, the maintenance depot trains skilled employees to qualify them for various job profiles. In addition, it provides professional development to generate master craftspersons and engineers from within their own ranks.

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