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Steam locomotive maintenance depot Meiningen

Your competence centre for steam locomotives

The steam locomotive maintenance depot in Meiningen is specialised in the maintenance of historical rail vehicles. Standard and narrow-gauge locomotives are repaired for DB AG, privately owned railways, museum railways and railway societies from Germany and other countries.

The depot also carries out scheduled inspections of snow ploughs and rotary snow ploughs belonging to DB Netz AG and builds components, such as steam locomotive boilers, for heritage steam locomotives from across Europe.

The overhaul of heritage passenger coaches and the repair of modern rotary railway cranes are becoming more significant than ever within the range of services the depot offers.

Maintenance of steam locomotives

The depot offers a self-contained service for the development and maintenance of selected assemblies that are no longer available from industrial suppliers:

  • Construction of steam locomotive boilers and steam cylinders in the welding shop
  • Renewal of vehicle frames, locomotive superstructures, rodding, wheelsets and bogies
  • Upgrade of train protection systems
  • Modification of firing systems


Component maintenance

The depot offers a self-contained service for the development and manufacture of components and assemblies that are no longer available from industrial suppliers:

  • Locomotive boilers (welded design)
  • Steam cylinders (welded design)
  • Partial and complete renewal of vehicles frames
  • Cabs, water tanks, ashpans
  • Rodding
  • Bogies
  • Wheelsets
  • Installation and upgrade of automatic train control systems
  • Modification of firing systems
  • Manufacture and repair of fireboxes


Snow clearing equipment

Meiningen steam locomotive maintenance depot is DB Netz AG's principal contractor for scheduling and carrying out inspections of the 47 snow ploughs, some rotary that are in operation across all regions of Germany.



For many years, the depot has been successfully renovating heritage passenger coaches to return them to their original condition, mainly for operators of narrow-gauge railways of all gauges. The depot also manufactures modern bicycle transport coaches as a result of the increasing need for bicycle transportation. The interior of these vehicles is designed according to the customer's wishes and requirements.



Rotary railway cranes

Since 2006 all seven of DB Netz AG's crane trains have been repaired at the Meiningen depot. As well as providing regular inspections, it gives all support vehicles a basic check once a year, and the lifting gear on the 75-tonne and 160-tonne railway cranes is also inspected. The mobile service team can also carry out scheduled work and repairs within a short time frame at all crane locations in Germany.

The depot has gathered much experience in this area thanks to the amount of railway crane maintenance work it has completed over the past few years. The steam locomotive depot is now a point of contact for many railway crane owners, who have their inspections and maintenance done in Meiningen on a regular basis.

  • Restoration of the "Adler" locomotive following a fire in the DB Museum in Nuremberg
  • Construction of "Sächsiche I K Nr. 54" locomotive for Stiftung Sächsische Schmalspurbahnen
  • Construction of steam locomotive 99 2324 for Mecklenburgische Bäderbahn Molli GmbH
  • Repair of several rotary railway cranes e.g.
    Kirow KRC 910 T for Jumbotec and
    Kirow KRC 450 T for Leonhard Weiß

The success of this depot is built on the experience and wide-ranging knowledge of the staff. Expertise is transferred from one generation to the next thanks to vocational trainees being taken on regularly and given the chance to learn from the experience of employees who have been with the company for many years. The skills learned in everyday work are passed on from employee to employee at the workstation, whether this be a workbench, a vehicle or a desk.


No two days are the same at the steam locomotive depot. Metal workers, welders and engineers can expect new challenges every day. The depot welcomes challenges and supports its employees to enable them to deal with these successfully.

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