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Maintenance depot Neumunster

Your competence centre for passenger coaches

The Neumünster maintenance depot is a highly proficient partner for the heavy maintenance of electric railcars, diesel railcars and passenger coaches, and for large-scale projects on rolling stock of all types. Whether upgrades, refurbishment, retrofitting, bespoke work or day-to-day maintenance, the Neumünster depot offers each and every customer an expert solution.

Another of the depot's core services is the overhaul of components such as bogies, kitchen units, climate control systems and lavatory parts, principally for the vehicle fleets of Deutsche Bahn and external customers

Passenger coaches

The Neumünster maintenance depot can be described as a full service provider in the passenger coach sector. The service portfolio includes conventional inspections and testing pursuant to Paragraph 32 of the German Railway Construction and Operating Regulations (EBO) for all passenger coaches currently operated by DB Regio AG and DB Fernverkehrs AG.


Additional services are:

  • Repair of aluminium, chrome, nickel and steel parts thanks to comprehensive knowledge of accident-related maintenance
  • Upgrades and retrofitting, including simple interior modifications, conversion from compartments to open saloon or bistro/restaurant car layouts, new power supply systems, complex installations in control and command technology on driving trailers, the installation of modern passenger/traveller information systems and video surveillance
  • Various customised jobs such as applying adhesive films, paint and anti-graffiti coatings, installing PRM devices, modifying vehicles for use in different climates and much more


Electric multiple units

The Neumünster maintenance depot offers comprehensive services for the electric multiple unit sector:

  • Inspections and testing pursuant to Paragraph 32 of the German Railway Construction and Operating Regulations (EBO)
  • Retrofitting and upgrades for redesigns (Class 474 Plus, Redesign of Class 474 electric railcars)
  • Creative and innovative impulses for interior design and passenger information systems in design projects carried out in partnership with universities
  • Mobile bespoke work completed on location (e.g. changing bearing cover/housing on Class 442 electric railcars)
  • Further expertise in programmes to lengthen the service life of electric railcars 


Diesel multiple units

  • Inspections and testing pursuant to Paragraph 32 of the German Railway Construction and Operating Regulations (EBO)
  • Portfolio provides for Class 622, 628, 642 and 644 diesel railcar vehicles
  • Collaboration with the Kassel maintenance depot for other classes
  • Light maintenance carried out on Class 622


Light maintenance of Class 245 locomotives

  • Collaboration with the light maintenance team of the west network in Schleswig-Holstein
  • Scheduled servicing of Class 245 locomotives


Maintenance of specialist vehicles

  • Maintenance of specialist units such the test and measurement vehicles used by DB Netz/DB Systemtechnik and many years of experience in passenger coaches


Car carrier wagons

  • Expertise in refurbishment of corrosion damage, paintwork and inspections on car carriers on request (semi-freight wagon sector)
  • Drawing up of refurbishment projects and selection of suitable partners from a pool of engineering contractors


Heritage passenger coaches

In-depth knowledge of heritage coaches (CFL Wegmann coaches, Silberling coaches, TUI couchettes and many more)

  • Modernisation of the IC fleet (ICmod)
  • Nord-Ostsee Bahn (Marschbahn/married pairs)
  • DB Regio double-deck coaches
  • Overhaul of DB Regio Region Nord Class 424/5 electric railcars
  • DB Regio Class 442 electric railcars
  • Trenitalia
  • SBB
  • Updating of more than 500 air conditioning units on passenger coaches (Hermann kit, Bock compressors, etc.)
  • Germany-wide mobile service (industry support for changing bearing cover/housing on Class 442 electric railcars)

The Neumünster maintenance depot is home to a training workshop. Vocational trainees learning to become mechatronics technicians, industrial electronics technicians and industrial mechanics, are prepared for working life, parallel to their practical training. Additionally, the depot offers cooperative education programmes in rotating subjects and accompanies its staff members when they commit to part-time professional development in order to gain master craftsperson or technician status. Support is also given to students on cooperative education programmes working towards a bachelor's or master's degree.

More than half of almost 30 managers employed at the depot began their career on an apprenticeship or a study programme at DB.

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