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Paderborn maintenance depot

Your competence centre for freight wagons: maintenance, upgrades, conversion and Full Service

The Paderborn maintenance depot is the place to go for the maintenance of freight wagons and components. The depot has many decades of experience in all maintenance matters, and in the upgrading and conversion of rolling stock.

Thanks to efficient maintenance technologies, innovative solutions and highly qualified employees, it is guaranteed that customers' wishes will be met reliably at an elevated standard of quality.

The maintenance and refurbishment work is carried out in a complex of modern halls. Europe's largest wheelset workshop can be found here.

Maintenance, refurbishing and conversion work

  • Specific maintenance services on different types of freight wagon
  • Overhaul of hydraulics, bogies and brake parts
  • Modernisation of Shimmns 708 is one of the largest conversion projects
  • On-site service offered as part of the Full Service portfolio

Maintenance of components

Components are overhauled in facilities that include one of the most modern wheelset workshops in Europe and a workshop for buffing and draw gear components.

Innovative approaches at the Paderborn maintenance depot

Innovations in the Shimmns conversion

  • Renovation of the roof system: includes improved tarpaulin with fleece lining that stops condensation forming, an optimised trailing coach that reduces sliding force, and a new sealing design that prevents moisture and snow from entering the vehicle.
  • Installation of a new four-point central locking system: guarantees leak tightness and offers better handling both from the track and from a ramp.
  • In a further prototype an innovative load securing device was tested. This enables the use of only one of the wagon sides by just one person. Furthermore, for the first time a central locking system was installed on which the locking levers can be moved independently of one another, reducing the risk of an accident happening.

High-pressure water jets

  • New equipment has been built with two washing stations to remove paint from wheelsets using high-pressure water jets. Robot arms and high-pressure pumps clean wheelsets and remove paint with water pressure measuring 2,500 bar. The wheelsets are guided into and out of the washing stations by an automated conveyor system. This replaces the manual process in which the wheelsets were cleaned and polished by means of shot blasting. The equipment is currently being tested.
  • Shimmns conversion

The Paderborn maintenance depot is one of the major companies offering vocational training in the Paderborn metropolitan area. The depot is aware of its role and its responsibility to encourage young talents and takes on apprentices and university students each year.

By providing training, the depot acquires much-needed talented young employees and passes on knowledge and expertise to the next generation. In addition, skilled workers and managers alike are offered a wide range of options for furthering their careers within the depot.

You will find current job vacancies in our careers portal.