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Wittenberge maintenance depot

Your competence centre for passenger coaches

The Wittenberge maintenance depot has a history spanning 140 years and is one of the most modern maintenance facilities in Europe today. The depot is specialised in the modernisation and maintenance of passenger coaches. Since 2015, traction units and freight wagons have again featured in the portfolio of products in Wittenberge. The maintenance and manufacture of all types of rail vehicle components complete the services offered by the depot.

Alongside general inspections and those required under Paragraph 32 of the German Railway Construction and Operating Regulations (EBO) and modernisations, the depot's production programme also includes accident repairs, condition-based maintenance and bespoke work. A large part of the work carried out today is done in a mobile service capacity on the customers' premises.

The depot aims to ensure high customer satisfaction by providing operative excellence with customised offers and efficient cost structures.

Specialist knowledge, a modern, forward-looking infrastructure, a certified quality and environment management system and highly motivated employees prove the worth of the well-developed quality and safety standards in place.

Maintenance of rolling stock

  • Carrying out of inspections and condition-based maintenance and accident repair work on vehicles of all types
  • Heavy and day-to-day maintenance of passenger coaches, freight wagons, railcars, specialist vehicles and light rail vehicles


Upgrades and Redesign

  • Development in in-house train lab
  • Installation of IT networks with train protection and passenger information systems
  • Installation of diagnosis, automatic vehicle location and video surveillance devices
  • Installation of climate control systems
  • Retrofitting of vehicles with systems for persons with reduced mobility pursuant to TSI PRM
  • Implementation of new seating designs


Mobile service

  • Mobile maintenance services directly on site in Germany and in other countries
  • Use of up to seven service vehicles 


Component maintenance

  • Maintenance and manufacture of all types of rail vehicle components (e.g. frames for wheelsets and bogies, for doors and door systems, for lavatory modules, for upholstered parts and seating systems, and for steel components and other steel structures)
  • Maintenance and overhaul of components at customer's request
  • High-performance infrastructure allows flexibility in meeting customers' specific requirements


Certification and approvals

  • Authorisation by DB Regio AG and DB Fernverkehr AG
  • Expert reports and approval by DB Cargo AG and Association of Freight Wagon Keepers in Germany (VPI)
  • ECM certification in compliance with EU Commission Regulation No. 445/2011 for providers of maintenance services for freight wagons, including the components wheelsets and bogies
  • Welding of rail vehicles and rail vehicle components in accordance with DIN EN 15085-2
  • Non-destructive testing in accordance with DIN 27201-7
  • Certification for adhesive bonding in accordance with DIN 6701-2
  • In preparation: RISAS accreditation for UK


Innovative approaches at the Wittenberge maintenance depot

Train lab/Colibri

In the in-house train lab, software and hardware can be tested outside of the vehicle to see whether they function properly. In addition, innovative IT solutions are developed and offered as part of the Colibri (coach link for broadband information exchange) range. Colibri is a modular portfolio made up of basic products, applications and maintenance solutions and provides services along the entire travel chain.


Wheelset workshop

The wheelset workshop has been renovated to make it one of the most modern and high-specification workshops in Europe. Similar workshops to the one in the Wittenberge depot were also modernised in Dessau, Paderborn and Kassel. As well as production receiving a completely new layout, the DB Fahrzeuginstandhaltung production system (FZI-PS) was introduced. State-of-the-art technologies such as high-pressure water jets are now in common use in maintenance work, as is an MES system.

  • Remodelling (ICfit) and upgrade (ICmod) of passenger coaches for DB Long Distance
  • Modernisation of and installation of climate control system on passenger coaches for Trenitalia
  • Modernisation of passenger coaches for NS Reizigers
  • Accident repairs and paintwork on double-deck coaches for Israel Railway Ltd
  • Modernisation programme for DB Regio AG (NordOst redesign, MWNK Redesign/climate control, KreuzBremen redesign, etc.)

The Wittenberge maintenance depot is one of the region's largest employers and providers of vocational training. The depot employs, among others, qualified engineers, technicians, master craftspeople, vehicle/component inspectors, mechatronics technicians, industrial mechanics and electronics technicians.

Furthermore, the maintenance depot trains people as mechatronics technicians, industrial mechanics, electronics technicians and industrial sales representatives. By training people in these occupations, the Wittenberge depot gains young talents for the future and allows the knowledge of experienced skilled workers to be passed on to the next generation. Training for industrial and technical occupations is provided in partnership with the local centre for vocational training. In cooperation with the Thuringian university of cooperative education in Eisenach and Gera and with the Berlin School of Economics and Law, engineers are given training in the areas of technical management, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering.

The depot enables its own employees, among others, to gain qualifications as engineers or technicians/master craftspeople. It offers a wide range of professional development opportunities and trains employees to have exactly the right skills to carry out the everyday activities required in modern-day vehicle and component projects. The development paths lead to skilled work and specialist tasks such as putting vehicles into operation, non-destructive testing and using the train lab.

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