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A new look for Munich's S-Bahn

S-Bahn München has launched Deutsche Bahn's most large-scale vehicle renovation project – and is renovating its entire fleet of vehicles.

S-Bahn München is upgrading its entire fleet. It is Deutsche Bahn's most large-scale vehicle renovation project to date and will involve 34,000 new upholstered seat, back rest and head rest elements, 1,904 double-sided widescreen displays, 36,000 square metres of new flooring and 750 kilometres of new cables. Each vehicle's capacity is being increased from 544 to 612 seats. In addition, vehicle exteriors with a total surface area of 83,000 square metres are being repainted. To achieve this, DB Fahrzeuginstandhaltung specially set up an additional painting facility for whole trains at the Hagen satellite depot of the maintenance depot in Krefeld. The first S-Bahn train to be renovated was put into passenger service in mid-July. One by one, all 238 trains in the S-Bahn fleet will be put back on the rails in their new condition. Around 200 employees at DB Fahrzeuginstandhaltung's Krefeld and Nuremberg maintenance depots are doing sterling work on this project.

Eight wide-screen, double-sided monitors are being installed in each train. They provide for clearer passenger information. New luggage racks and innovative lighting also feature. The vehicles' multipurpose compartments are being redesigned so that cyclists, wheelchair users and other passengers can travel comfortably alongside one another. The new family and group areas offer space for even large groups. The more open interior design means that passengers circulate more effectively when boarding and leaving the train. Together with the new lighting concept, this enhances the subjective feeling of safety that the passengers have. There is extra storage space for luggage under the seats, most of which are fitted in a "floating" design. At the end of 2020 Munich's entire S-Bahn fleet will showcase this new modern look – in preparation for the next few years of constant use.

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