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Elbe-Spree network: DB Regio wins tender and will fit trains with full Colibri product portfolio

Expanded services, higher quality and more trains on the Elbe-Spree network: along with ODEG, DB Regio has secured the largest tender deal in Europe for regional and local rail passenger transport.

The Elbe-Spree network covers a total of 28 million train kilometres. DB Regio has been awarded 14.4 million, and will be serving this part of the network with longer and more modern trains. Between now and the 2022 timetable change, 145 double-decker coaches and 29 locomotives will be modernised and fitted with the full Colibri product portfolio. This means that the latest in IT offerings, such as customer Wi-Fi, CCTV, vehicle diagnostics and automatic passenger counting and information, will be available on 8.5 million  train kilometres.

"This contract will enable our IT team to present the full scope of its capabilities on the train with the Colibri product portfolio," said Thomas Derlig, the the team leader of market development at the IT on Trains department of DB Fahrzeuginstandhaltung. "We are delighted that DB Regio has selected us and that our concept came out on top against more established manufacturers."