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Complete fleet of S-Bahn Stuttgart equipped with Colibri Wi-Fi

In July 2018, the retrofitting of 97 Class 430 electric multiple units (EMU) with Colibri Wi-Fi technology for S-Bahn Stuttgart began. One year later, in July 2019, the last vehicle was equipped with the IT solution developed by DB Fahrzeuginstandhaltung. The retrofitting project is now complete and Stuttgart's entire S-Bahn fleet has been successfully equipped with Wi-Fi technology.

Two years of non-stop retrofitting has thus come to an end. It was an exciting moment when in July 2017 the decision was made in favour of the IT solution developed by DB Fahrzeuginstandhaltung. The schedule had to be adhered to and there were only six weeks time for preparations. The first vehicles to be retrofitted were 60 Class 423 EMUs. This was followed by 97 Class 430 EMUs, one Class 426 EMU and four Class 650 diesel multiple units (DMU).

While the Wittenberge Maintenance Depot pre-configured the IT solution developed by "IT am Zug", the Stuttgart team installed the system. On 20 June 2018, so earlier than planned, the retrofitting of all 60 Class 423 EMUs was completed.

Each week, the team in Stuttgart retrofitted up to two trains, thereby completing the work not only within but ahead of the deadline. Even while the last Class 423 EMUs were still being retrofitted, the system was installed in a Class 430 EMU for test purposes. Full-scale retrofitting of the class started in July 2018.

The last vehicle was successfully equipped with Wi-Fi technology at the beginning of July 2019, just ahead of the planned completion date. The "WLAN auf Schwäbisch" project has been successfully implemented: all hurdles have been overcome, and all expectations have been exceeded.