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Unser Werk in Krefeld

Krefeld maintenance depot

Your competence centre for accident repairs on rolling stock made of aluminium

The Krefeld depot, founded in 1892, is specialised in carrying out accident repairs on rolling stock made of aluminium and customised refits, alongside its day-to-day maintenance duties.

One key field at the Krefeld depot is the heavy maintenance of electric multiple units, including those used in high-speed trains. In recent years, the infrastructure and know-how at the depot has been successively adapted to accommodate these state-of-the-art vehicles.

Specialist knowledge, coupled with in-depth technical expertise, a modern infrastructure, an environment and quality system that has been awarded certification for many aspects, and highly motivated employees all contribute to the highest quality and safety standards being met.

Inspections, corrective maintenance, accident repairs

  • Class 420 EMUs, 423-426 EMUs, 422 EMUs, 427/429 EMUs (FLIRT), 440 EMUs, 442 EMUs, x-wagons
  • ICE 1, ICE 2, ICE 3/T/TD

Component repair and manufacture

  • Bogies
  • Glass fibre components (GRP moulded parts; also with mobile teams)
  • Adhesive bonding (also with mobile teams)
  • Welding competence centre (also with mobile teams)
  • Vibration dampers for rolling stock (centralised reconditioning of around 320 types)
  • Electrical and electromechanical components
  • Electronic components (central workshop)
  • Tapered roller bearings
  • Gearboxes for ICE 3/TD and electric railcars
  • Surface treatment (blasting and painting)
  • Lavatory modules
  • Wide range of aluminium and steel parts

Redesign and upgrade projects

  • For all electric railcars and ICE classes
  • Redesign of the Class 423 EMU
  • Overhaul at maintenance level 6 of Class 426, 427 and 429 EMUs (FLIRT)
  • Video surveillance system on Class 424 and 425 EMUs

The Krefeld maintenance depot is a popular employer with a tradition in excellence dating back to 1892. We offer four specialist vocational training courses. Furthermore, the depot takes on two students on cooperative university education programmes annually.

Vocational training programmes for the following occupations are offered in the Krefeld depot:

  • Industrial electronics technician
  • Industrial maintenance mechanic
  • Warehouse logistics specialist
  • Industrial sales representative

Vocational training in Krefeld is not only conducted in the depot (practical placement), vocational college and training workshop in Oberhausen (teaching of theory), but also in the maintenance depot's own junior company. This gives the vocational trainees the opportunity to try out running a business, learn how to find creative solutions for (technical) problems, act independently and act entrepreneurially. It also familiarises them with all process steps from order acquisition to the completion of the project based on specific small orders.

All orders are completed as projects. For each project, one vocational trainee is the project manager. He/she is supported by a deputy project manager and a project team. This team is responsible for the realisation of the project and receives the necessary support from the overall coordinator for vocational trainees and the line coordinators of the vocational trainees. In addition to improving participants' methodological competency, this task particularly strengthens social skills.

In this way, trainees, preparing for a career in industry and technology, are familiarised with commercial aspects and their importance, while trainees heading for jobs in business and commerce get to know the requirements and problems of industrial and technical fields. This promotes mutual understanding and encourages them to think outside the box.

You will find current job vacancies in our careers portal.