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Steam-engine maintenance

We maintain historical rail vehicles at our maintenance depot in Meiningen or directly at your premises.

Our steam-engine maintenance depot in Meiningen was founded in 1914 and is the last major maintenance depot for steam engines in Western Europe.

Our maintenance depot in Meiningen has become a recognised centre of expertise for historical rail vehicles. In addition to steam engines, we also repair other historical rolling stock. For example, we manufacture and procure steam boilers for historic vehicles.

Our services also include the maintenance and repair of historical diesel engines, electric locomotives and railcars. 

Our services

  • Repairs in accordance with customer's specifications
  • Periodic inspections and repairs in accordance with customer requirements in our maintenance depot or at the customer’s premise
  • Boiler maintenance and extensions for boiler and running gear at the maintenance depot or customer's premises
  • Design and manufacture of steam engines and components (steam boilers, fittings, pumps, preheaters, turbo generators, driving gear parts, frame and chassis)
  • Modernisation and retrofitting of steam engines with safety equipment (industrial and train radio communication systems)