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Safety for your vehicles

The completion of general inspections and overhauls on all rail vehicles – regardless of the type and manufacturer – is part of our core business.

In Germany rail vehicles must be inspected once a specific period of time has expired or the maximum mileage achieved as defined in the maintenance system for the vehicle type. This is necessary to guarantee operational safety. We conduct periodic inspections on rail vehicles in accordance with the statutory regulations in a professional, timely manner.

Our portfolio includes inspections in accordance with:

  • Section 32 of the Railway Construction and Operations Act (EBO)
  • Country-specific rules and regulations
  • Applicable rules and regulations (AVV, VPI)
    (General Contract of Use for Wagons, Association of Private Wagon Owners)
  • Your specifications and the manufacturer's recommendations

Modular overhauls are now becoming increasingly important. Standard inspections include overhauling the brakes (Br3), measuring the vehicle geometry after an accident for instance, inspecting the running gear, plus the draw and buffing gear.

If further damage is identified during the inspections, we will repair the damage reliably and competently, minimising the time spent in the workshop.

We carry out work on components requiring maintenance during the overhaul in our own specialised workshops. In addition, we provide preventive maintenance of key wearing parts during scheduled overhauls.


Your benefits

  • Compliance and safety with regard to legal requirements
  • Maximum operational safety by providing professional maintenance work
  • Our specialists' extensive experience ensures high-quality maintenance
  • All services are provided from a single source