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A long service life for your components

Maintaining rolling stock components is an important part of our core business. We are pleased to support you with our longstanding expertise and reliability.

Our decades of experience in overhauling assemblies found in all vehicle classes have allowed us to amass comprehensive knowledge of all sorts of components.

  • Traction and power transmission (e.g. Power Pack)
  • Brakes
  • Electronics
  • Hydraulics
  • Pneumatics
  • Energy supply
  • Buffing and draw gear
  • Lavatory systems
  • many more components

High quality reconditioning

We maintain components in accordance with our customer's specifications. In doing so, we leverage our insight when reconditioning components to make the process even more effective. Our objective is to ensure an optimal service life for components so that your vehicles remain in service for as long as possible, and we do just that by upholding high-quality maintenance standards. In addition to complete overhauls, we also recondition individual components based on your requirements.


Efficient infrastructure

We have all the technical equipment required for reconditioning components from all manufacturers. Whether it be for the reconditioning of wheelsets, or the inspection of brakes or power electronics, our maintenance depots are outfitted with the latest in production and testing equipment.


Experience and expertise

We will support you in analysing life cycle data and determining appropriate service and maintenance intervals, provide you with technical information on parts and components and advise you on pending services.