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IT solutions for the entire travel chain

We have developed a modular portfolio for you consisting of basic products, applications and maintenance solutions.

Colibri – „Coach Link for Broadband Information exchange“

Building on our expertise in the modernisation of rolling stock, we have developed a series of IT products and services along the entire travel chain. They can be used in all road and rail vehicles as well as at stations. Colibri makes use of the latest technologies to improve customer satisfaction and profitability.

Verbesserung von Kundenzufriedenheit und Wirtschaftlichkeit durch Colibri

In addition, we support you with various services tailored towards these IT products and ensure reliable and efficient operation of these innovative systems.

The Colibri product portfolio is based on modules, allowing you to select the products and services best suited to your requirements. We will be happy to assist you and, if requested, can conduct extensive tests with customer groups or hold workshops with client bodies.

Our colibri solution consists of the following modules 

Our train network across carriages (100 Mbit/1 GBit) is divided into several areas:

  • Travel information on interior and exterior displays and voice announcements.
  • Video surveillance and recording to network storage.
  • Automatic passenger counting system.
  • Directing passengers based on automatic passenger counting and other data sources, and display on vehicles, operator websites and platforms.

With Colibri-W we ensure fast communication between vehicles/stations and the back office. It also serves as the basis for the customer and employee WiFi.

We can offer you support in the following areas:

  • Customer WiFi on board trains with landing pages (web browser and app).
  • Customer WiFi on board buses with landing pages (web browser and app).
  • Customer WiFi for stations, Info Touchpoints and other stationary systems (ticket machines, WiFi in designated areas) with landing pages (web browser and app).
  • Customer/employee emergency call via WiFi systems.

Use our Colibri-D as the basis for analysing vehicle data. 

  • Connection of sensor data in vehicle.
  • Connection to diagnosis and transmission to a back office via a network or modem.

Learn more about Colibri and the multitude of application possibilities and solutions. Visit us and experience the Colibri technologies and systems first hand.