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Colibri makes your trains smart by using intelligent applications for improving customer satisfaction and optimising your operating process.

Colibri is a modular system, allowing you to select the products and services best suited to your requirements. We will be happy to advise you and conduct workshops and tests. On request, we can monitor and maintain the systems during operation and keep you up to date with reports and via your own access to our operational management tool. 

Colibri includes the following modules:

The Colibri backbone 

Colibri-N is the access network that connects the Colibri applications and allows them to communicate with each other. The system’s brain is the central computer where all the information comes together. 

Reliable train-to-land communication 

Colibri-M ensures the train-to-land connection and enables broadband data exchange. 

Continuous connectivity with Colibri's customer Wi-Fi 

Colibri-W offers passengers Wi-Fi and free onboard entertainment. Enjoy films, audio books, music and news from our infotainment channel while travelling with us. 

Quick access to diagnostic data for on-board and maintenance personnel

Colibri-D allows you to read out and display process values and fault messages, such as on-board air temperature, fill levels, power supply, etc.

Real time Colibri-O location detection and vehicle information

Colibri-O determines, transmits and encrypts location data and information such as position, speed, direction of travel, but also journey event and incident data and information about the condition of the vehicle.  

On-board security 

The Colibri-V video surveillance system is used to record events and can help with investigations. The system backs up streams from the on-board cameras to network storage and overwrites recorded video data cyclically after 72 hours.  

Continuously updated passenger information for real-time status updates

Colibri-RIS provides up-to-date passenger information on the trains’ outside and on-board displays. You can now inform passengers about the course of the journey and possible connections in real time or, linked to the automatic passenger counting system Colibri-AFZ, show the vehicle’s utilisation or specific content according to customer requirements.  

Convenient travel thanks to automatic passenger counting 

Colibri-AFZ enables automatic passenger counting. Sensors on the doors count passengers and bicycles getting on and off the train. The data is available for invoicing transport authorities or for managing targeted vehicle capacity utilisation. 

The right tool to collect important information on your trains 

Colibri RCS is used for operations management. With its ticketing system and a fault detection function it reports faults in vehicle systems and supports the reporting and analysis of disruptions as well as master data management (user, provider and type information). Due to its extraordinary flexibility, RCS can be adapted to the most diverse customer requirements. 

Big data analyses provide reliable information

The Colibri cloud enables data collection and analysis of the Colibri systems. Made available via a configurable interface to a Data Lake, clients can access various functions, such as read-outs of stored videos, system and diagnostic data, software administration, etc.