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Spare parts available at all times

We are a market leader in managing and organising material supply processes for rolling stock.

The requirements for material supply within the framework of overhauls are complex. If required replacement parts or materials are not available, the entire maintenance process stops. A timely supply with replacement parts therefore is a prerequisite for fast and reliable maintenance and repair of rolling stock. 

Modular and customized: What we offer.

Our offer for you is just as individual as you are. Thanks to the modular structure of our service packages, we are able to offer you perfectly customised solutions in the field of supply chain management. Our service packages comprise, apart from the organisation of the entire supply chain, customised offers in the field of procurement, stock holding/logistics and inventory management:

  • Supply Chain Management: Organisation of the material supply processes for your entire fleet of vehicles with the option to transfer the existing stock of materials.
  • Procurement: Establishment of requirements on the basis of your maintenance and consumption data, writing of order proposals for single parts and placement of orders
  • Stock holding and logistics: Monitoring of pending deliveries with regard to the date of delivery and amount ordered, monitoring of the receipt of goods and stock holding on your or our storage spaces.
  • Inventory management: Management of your inventory on the basis of agreed-on target availabilities, including the establishment of material requirements forecasts and the organisation of procurement processes.