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Sale, dismantling and disposal

You want to or have to part with your rolling stock?

We can help you sell, dismantle and dispose of disused rolling stock and their components. We can also offer you guarded stabling facilities for your rolling stock.

As a result of seasonal production cycles, long scheduling breaks often apply for some wagon types or traction stock. Local stabling of these vehicles brings with it a high risk of vandalism damage, the repair of which is complex and costly.


Our comprehensive services day and night

  • Prolonged parking for your rolling stock on over 70 km of track across Germany (indoor stabling also possible depending on availability).
  • Customised service packages for the value conservation of the parked rolling stock.
  • Guarded by security personnel and state-of-the-art CCTV technology.
  • Service packages for placing the rolling stock back into Service.

Selling railway vehicles requires a permanent presence on the market, knowledge of buyers and market prices. Take advantage of our many years of experience in deciding whether to place the vehicle on the national or international market.


Our services for maximum revenues for you

  • Revenue-optimised sale of rolling stock as well as components and spare parts.
  • Support in determining the value of your sales object taking into account the current market conditions.
  • Placement of offers on the market, e.g. on our "DBresale" auction platform.
  • Handling of the sales process up until receipt of payment.
  • Optional: Support in transferring the vehicle to the location of the buyer.

If at the end of a vehicle's life cycle the only option is to dispose of it, issues such as professional dismantling, sale of remaining materials and environmentally correct disposal become especially important.


Our recycling and disposal services

  • Organisation of environmentally correct and professional disassembly of the vehicle (through a tendering process).
  • Sale of recycling material at competitive prices.
  • Recovery and sale of spare parts.
  • Reconditioning of spare parts and components.
  • Environmentally sound disposal of waste.
  • Project management throughout the entire scrapping process.