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European Train Control System

We equip your vehicles for the future

Across Europe, the installation of the European Train Control System (ETCS) is obligatory for new lines and main transport routes. Plans for upgrading existing routes vary from country to country. The aim is to simplify cross-border rail traffic using this system. 

The upgrade to the route gives rise to a wide-ranging need for action on the part of rail companies.

We have the experience and the expertise necessary to support you successfully in your upgrade projects.


Our services

  • Fitting of ETCS components from various manufacturers (fitting of entire systems and individual parts)
  • Fitting of country-specific ETCS equipment (multi-system environment)
  • Equipping of all vehicle types with ETCS components (multiple units and locomotives)
  • Design and engineering together with partners


We can offer our services in various packages that best suit your needs, including on your own premises. To guarantee your vehicle availability, we always keep the downtime for your rolling stock to a minimum.