We provide comprehensive safety for your fleet operation

Brake & compressed air supply systems

Performing under high pressure.

Article: We provide comprehensive safety for your fleet operation

Safe travels with DB Fahrzeuginstandhaltung

In the field of safety-critical braking systems, we are your experienced expert in the mainline and light-rail sector. You will fully benefit from the far-ranging expertise and many years of experience of our experts. Through constant and holistic process optimisation, we increase the quality of the results and reduce the time your vehicles spend at the maintenance depot.

We are of course familiar with the reconditioning of components and the testing of all pneumatic brake parts on rail vehicles, and we have other services to offer you apart from reconditioning. In addition to inspections and test dismantling, we advise you on system interrelationships, the necessary brake force measurement and modern and forward-looking logistics concepts. Of course, we also offer on-site service for such an important, safety-critical component as brakes. This makes us your ideal point of contact for your fleet's brake and air supply systems.

Our services at a glance
  • Reconditioning, repairs, modernisation and inspections
  • For mechanical, pneumatic and electro-pneumatic brake components
  • Other control equipment of all kinds
  • All common manufacturers
  • ECM certified
  • Quality management system certified under EN ISO 9001:2008
  • Environmental management system certified under EN ISO 14001:2004
  • Qualification of systems used for maintenance (QSI certificate)
  • Authorised test workshop (NDT)