We develop brake test units with smart software solution

Brake test units

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Article: We develop brake test units with smart software solution

Testing of pneumatic brake systems

To maintain the operation of your vehicle fleet, the inspection of safety-relevant components such as brakes is particularly important. As a manufacturer and expert maintenance provider for brake testing equipment, you can benefit from the experience of our experts. In addition, we also perform testing for all pneumatic brake parts on rail vehicles in line with the conditions established by the UIC. We are able to continuously improve brake test units with our technical expertise, coupled with many years of experience. We also incorporate current market and customer needs into the development process. Furthermore, our smart software solutions make a valuable contribution to the digitalisation and automation of depot processes.

Our portfolio

Includes rebuilding and repair work as well as regular inspections and calibration of PDR brake testing equipment:

  • Pdr 1-N: The brake tester is used to carry out the brake tests for a block train
  • PDR 5: With and without additional device as well as RailTab
  • Pdr 6: Digital documentation of the test sequences
  • Pdr 7: Fully automatic test sequence

Braking force sensors for PdR units are optionally available.