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Article: Your expert for the maintenance of wheelsets and bogies

Manufacturing with state-of-the-art facilities

Benefit from our all-round service for bogies and wheelsets in the context of inspections and from our professional repair work to correct many different types of accident damage. In the process, our experts assess and evaluate all components and materials individually. This allows the components to be reconditioned and repaired as is appropriate for their condition. Your advantage: All bogie reconditioning and repair services – from consulting and accident assessment through to completion of all necessary work – are provided from a single source.  Our modern manufacturing infrastructure and well-established expertise enable us to meet a wide variety of technical requirements and to accommodate you with a great deal of flexibility.

We are also your specialist for the reconditioning, general overhaul and repair of traction and carrying wheelsets for a wide range of rail vehicles. You'll receive the best possible advice, with our many years of experience in reconditioning wheelsets and a qualified team that will carry out your specific wishes and meet your requirements.

Our stages of production for bogies
  • Dismantle and clean
  • Test pneumatic, electrical and mechanical assemblies for wear Perform measurement
  • Perform non-destructive testing such as magnetic particle inspection
  • Repair damaged components based on the damage ascertained
  • Inspect the brakes
  • Check for distortion or warping of the bogie frame
  • Perform straightening work (if required)
  • Conduct a crack-detection test at the weld seams and restore or refurbish if necessary
  • Apply paint
  • Reassemble the bogie, including the wheelsets
  • Adjust the bogie on the bogie press
Our infrastructure
  • Cleaning equipment for bogies
  • Bogie gauge stands
  • Computer-assisted optical 3-D laser metrology
  • Combined rotating and tilting apparatus for optimising the welding position
  • Elevator tracks for assembling bogies
  • Spring tester
  • Workstations for conducting non-destructive material tests
  • Axle-lowering system, among others
Our service profile for wheelsets
  • Incoming inspection and cleaning
  • Testing and measuring
  • Ultrasonic, eddy current and magnetic particle testing
  • Execution of disc, shaft, and final pressing work for wheels, discs and wheelset shafts
  • Profile turning of newly treaded and used wheelsets, rims and
  • brake disks
  • Inspection and repair of drives and wheelsets (including transmissions)
  • Metal spraying and welding of wheels, bore holes, shafts and bearing seats
  • Axle bearing analyses
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