Rely on our experts for traditional maintenance

Heritage rail vehicles

New steam in old boilers.

Article: Rely on our experts for traditional maintenance

Restauration with passion and expertise

Our employees know their trade, and they’ve known it for many decades. Thanks to the long tradition of our maintenance depots we can draw on a wealth of experience that will benefit you when we restore your valuable heritage rail vehicle. Apart from our experienced colleagues and their specialist knowledge, we also consult extensive historical documents. Our knowledgeable experts for steam locomotives, are constantly teaching new trainees. This way, the next generation can learn the steam locomotive fitter profession from the ground up.

With specialisation, expertise and experience, our experts achieve high levels of quality and develop the passion for historical rail vehicles. This means that the locomotives, cranes and wagons can continue to serve reliably for many more years to come.

Our services for heritage rail vehicles
  • Skilled repairs in accordance with customer-specific regulations
  • Carrying out scheduled inspections and repairs at the depot and on site
  • Designing and manufacturing of new steam locomotives and all components; carrying out boiler inspections
  • Extending deadlines for boilers and running gears at the depot and on site
  • Manufacturing and repairing special vehicles for track infrastructure
  • Modernising and equipping steam locomotives with safety standards
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