We will bring you up to date and support you during the upgrade process


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Article: We will bring you up to date and support you during the upgrade process

Experience and specialised knowledge for your competitiveness  

Equipping new lines and main lines with the European Train Control System (ETCS) is mandatory throughout Europe. The plans for retrofitting existing lines vary from country to country. This system is aimed at simplifying cross-border rail transport. Last but not least, ETCS secures the competitiveness of rail transport in the EU by clearing technical barriers to ensure European rail infrastructure networks are fully interoperable. 

Trackside retrofitting also requires rail companies to take a broad range of actions. We have the experience, skills and expertise that are needed to successfully guide you through your upgrade projects. To maintain your vehicle availability, we always plan for and ensure minimum downtimes for your vehicles. We offer our services in various packages depending on requirements, and we are also happy to work with local teams on-site.  

Our ETCS services 
  • Installation of ETCS components from various manufacturers (installation of entire systems and individual components) 
  • Installation of country-specific ETCS equipment (multi-system environment) 
  • Equipping various vehicle types with ETCS components (multiple units and locomotives) 
  • Performing design and engineering together with partners