Rely on our experts for your sustainable operation

Power electronics

Full energy for you vehicle fleet.

Article: Rely on our experts for your sustainable operation

Our experience pays off for you

The electrification of the railway is proceeding apace, and we are your reliable partner for power electronics. That's because inverters, converters and auxiliary converters are essential for the operation of electric locomotives and must therefore be maintained and overhauled on a regular basis. We have an optimal infrastructure for maintaining power electronics and putting the large components through their paces. We use a series of preventive measures to reduce failures, increasing the efficiency of your fleet. By optimising the energy lost in the conversion process, both you and the environment win out. You also profit from our extensive product experience, good access to replacement parts and associated documentation as well as obsolescence management for components.

Our services in the power electronics field
  • Functional tests and visual inspections
  • Dismantling and cleaning
  • Troubleshooting with specific equipment
  • Identifying and acquiring materials
  • Obsolescence management for components
  • Repair of controlling electronic assemblies at component level
  • Load tests, long-term tests
  • Documentation
  • Documentation of repair statistics
  • On-site services
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