Our competent experts support you along the way

Control electronics

Confidently on track.

Article: Our competent experts support you along the way

Reliable reconditioning and overhauls

Electronics on board rail vehicles are growing steadily more complex, as the requirements placed on them continue to rise. With trained and certified experts, we are your ideal contact for the trouble-free operation of your vehicle fleet's control electronics. We are optimally equipped to meet any challenge – whether it is from the components of your on-board power supply system, to the brake control unit, the ATC or communications with the operations centre (traveller and passenger information systems).

We offer you both reliable reconditioning of old components and parts and overhauls of components for the newest generations of rail vehicles. We specialise in repairing many control electronics products from rail vehicles made by various manufacturers. You always benefit from our extensive product experience, good access to replacement parts and associated documentation as well as obsolescence management for components. 

Range of services for electronic components in the following assemblies
  • Door controls
  • Lavatory controls
  • Minimum voltage relays
  • Compact controllers
  • A/C controls
  • Wheel slide protection system
  • Traction controllers
  • CCTV surveillance
  • Diagnostic systems
  • DC/DC converters
  • Emergency braking bypass units
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Maintenance services for control electronics components
  • Functional testing (NNF, fault isolation)
  • Visual inspections
  • Dismantling and cleaning
  • Stripping and applying paint
  • Troubleshooting with specific testing equipment
  • Identifying and acquiring material(s)
  • Obsolescence management for components
  • Installing software
  • Pre-emptive replacement of ageing components
  • Repair
  • Acceptance testing
  • Documentation
  • Documentation of repair statistics
  • Hotline support
  • On-site services (provided on a case-by-case basis)
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Infrastructure of the Central Electronics Workshop
  • Product-specific testing equipment
  • In-circuit testers
  • Internally developed modular functional test systems
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