Benefit from our expertise with your engines

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Article: Benefit from our expertise with your engines

Vehicle availability is what drives us

Do you want the optimum lifetime for the engines in your vehicle fleet and to ensure they remain in service for as long as possible? As one of the largest engine maintenance companies in Europe, we take care that your drive components achieve the optimum life cycle. Our vertical range of manufacture makes us a strong and cost-efficient partner for diesel engines and powerpacks.

Our experts are also the right choice for partial re-conditionings, retrofits, renovations and stabilisation of your components, because every single step is crucial. From disassembly and cleaning to the reconditioning of crankshafts and connecting rods to assembly, we are bound by the stipulations of testing and quality assessment and by stringent quality controls, to which we always adeptly adhere. In addition, our own warehouse facilities and a continuous improvement process enable us to steadily reduce time spent at the maintenance depot. Last but not least, we have our own manufacturing unit for diesel engines and powerpacks. We support you in ensuring that your drive modules are optimally equipped for every life cycle.

Our services
  • Vendor-agnostic know-how
  • Diesel engines for locomotives and engines for diesel railcars
  • Performance classes between 100 and 3,400 kW
  • All required certifications and specific approvals
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