Our experts support you with potential risk of failure


Obsolescence management

Component management for improved vehicle availability.

Article: Our experts support you with potential risk of failure

Concrete measures to avert downtimes 

The fast pace of the electronics industry also poses a great challenge for rail vehicles and the components installed in them. Defective components that can no longer be procured can quickly bring your vehicle to a standstill. Do you need components which are about to be discontinued? If so, we can help you by performing an obsolescence analysis for all your electronic components, forecasting their failure probabilities and identifying the resulting risks and concrete measures to take to prevent downtimes from occurring.  

Has one of your vehicles already broken down due to a defective electronic component discontinued by the manufacturer? In that case we can help you by inspecting and reconditioning obsolete components for all classes and types. We analyse your components with our proven tests and test rigs and with our reverse engineering to offer effective ways of refurbishing them or adequately replacing their function.