Our contribution to the availability of your vehicles and spare parts

Obsolescence management

Guaranteeing the availability of your vehicles and spare parts.

Article: Our contribution to the availability of your vehicles and spare parts

Stockpiling of obsolete components and development of replacement solutions

Our obsolescence management includes the development of replacement solutions, such as a 1:1 recunstructions or substitution. In this way, we extend the life cycle of your components and thus of your vehicles and help you prevent a possible vehicle failure.

Our measures to avert a vehicle standstill:

Obsolescence risk analysis

With the help of proactive obsolescence risk analysis, we identify the need for action even before components are discontinued and create a basis for proactively minimizing obsolescence risks.

Lifetime buy

Material availability is covered by stockpiling until the end of the rail vehicle's life. We have suitable storage conditions for almost every component.

Substitution and adaptation

A substitution comprises the replacement of the component or assembly with a solution that is equivalent in terms of assembly and signaling technology. If a substitution appears to be reasonable, we will provide the corresponding equivalent replacement.


We remove contamination, renew aged electronic components when they reach the wear limit,  clean the components professionally and repair, among other things, mechanical damage – such as sheet metal, welding, adhesive or paint damage.

Reconstruction and redesign

Based on a sample component, we can create technical documentation with identical specifications and offer a 1:1 reconstruction.

Old parts management

In the field old parts management, we recondition components removed from older vehicles, for example, to make them functional again.

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