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Article: Digital intelligence for your rail vehicles

Step by step, your vehicle fleet becomes smarter 

Colibri (Coach Link for Broadband Information Exchange) is a flexible and expandable system of innovative technologies for your fleet. 

Building on our expertise in the modernisation of rail vehicles, with Colibri we offer you a wide range of technologies to optimise maintenance and passenger satisfaction. Our system of various components enables you to flexibly combine and expand individual functions, which can be installed in all rail and road vehicles as well as at stations. In addition, we support you with numerous service offers around this product and offer you a safe and economical operation of the systems.  

Our highlight projects 

  • Installation of the complete Colibri product range in 174 vehicles of the Elbe-Spree network. 
  • Equipping buses, ticket vending machines and electronic charging points with Colibri Wi-Fi
  • Installation of Colibri Wi-Fi in the train of the future (SOB Ideenzug) 
  • The digital customer experience Hamburg was also equipped with Colibri Wi-Fi
  • First installation of Colibri in new vehicles of the Kiss ENO class at the Northern Region 

Our product portfolio 

Colibri brings digital intelligence to your rail vehicle – Wi-Fi with 5G standard, travel information and diagnostic systems that can also be viewed and managed by vehicle drivers, operations management with dedicated access for customers and much more. The Colibri system is flexible – you choose the products and services according to your needs. We are happy to advise you and conduct workshops and tests. During operation, we can monitor and maintain the systems on request and keep you up to date with detailed reporting. With your own access to our operational management tool, you have a transparent overview of your vehicles. Colibri includes the following functions from which you can choose: 

Colibri-M (train-to-land connection) 

For constant communication between vehicle and land 

Colibri-M ensures the connection between train and land and enables broadband data exchange. Thus, this application forms the foundation of the Colibri product portfolio and the central computer the heart. 

Colibri-W (Wi-Fi module) 

Well connected with Colibri's customer Wi-Fi  

Colibri-W offers passengers Wi-Fi and free entertainment on board - entertaining journeys with films, audio books, music and news from our on-board cinema and, if desired, with the latest 5G standard. This technology can also be used beyond vehicles and installed in ticket machines and electronic charging stations, for example. 

Colibri-D (diagnostics module) 

Diagnostic data quickly visible for on-board and maintenance personnel 

Colibri-D is a railway-owned development that connects large parts of the vehicles' inventory diagnostics and is expandable due to the flexible approach of the Colibri system. The diagnostic system determines and processes data from the diagnosable inventory systems (air conditioning, door systems etc.) as well as from all Colibri functions. We adapt the data to be read out individually according to your wishes and make it accessible to on-board and maintenance personnel through Human Machine Interfaces. 

Colibri-V (CCTV surveillance) 

More security in the vehicle 

The Colibri-V video surveillance system is used to record events relevant to investigations and backs up streams from the cameras in the vehicle, which are overwritten cyclically every 72 hours. In addition to this normal operation, we also offer event operation, which records extraordinary incidents separately and in compliance with data protection regulations and stores them for longer. As the first DB-internal provider, we also offer live access as well as online data extraction for security staff and federal police, which no longer requires the hard drive to be removed from the vehicle. 

Colibri-RIS (traveller information) 

Continuously updated passenger information for real-time status updates 

Colibri-RIS provides up-to-date passenger information on the exterior displays and inside the vehicles. Your passengers are informed in real time about the course of their journey and possible connections with the help of modern operating terminals. We offer the integration of autonomous systems as well as the continued use of existing components, e.g. passenger intercoms - no matter which "language they speak". 

Colibri-Cloud (Data collection and evaluation) 

Big Data analyses for complete information 

The Colibri Cloud enables you to collect and evaluate data from the Colibri systems. Via a configurable interface to the Data Lake, various functions such as the readout of stored videos, the provision of system and diagnostic data and the management of the software are realised and made available to you. 

Colibri-RCS (operations management) 

Important results around the vehicle thanks to the right tools 

The Colibri RCS (Remote Control System) is used for operational management and has a ticketing system and an error detector function. It centrally collects all diagnostic data and provides a transparent overview of the vehicles equipped with Colibri, error messages and evaluations as well as route displays from the moving vehicle. The data is stored and visualised in a customised dashboard. 

Colibri-O (vehicle location) 

Real-time location and vehicle information 

Colibri-O detects, encrypts and transmits location data such as positioning, speed, direction of travel as well as driving events and information about the condition of your vehicle. As a result, Colibri-O enables more accurate delay reporting through real-time data directly from the vehicle. 

Colibri-AFZ (automatic passenger counting) 

Travel comfort thanks to automatic passenger counting 

Colibri-AFZ enables an automatic passenger counting system in which boarding and alighting passengers and bicycles are recorded by sensors on the doors. With an accuracy of 99%, we offer you a high level of information about the utilisation and frequency of the vehicles and a possible passenger guidance as a result. 

Colibri-N (basic network) 

The Colibri backbone  

Colibri-N is the network that connects all Colibri functions like a nervous system and lets them communicate with each other. It recognises the train sequence and makes it available to other components. Colibri Wi-Fi. If additional functions are to be configured, Colibri-N is mandatory.   

Our service 

We offer you a transparent overview of your Colibri functions as well as various support levels to provide you with a smooth workflow. 

1st, 2nd and 3rd Level Support 

Colibri's support levels provide you in the elimination of different types of errors. With 1st level support and 2nd level support, the errors are analysed and delegated. While the error elimination for 1st and 2nd level support takes place remotely (via remote access), the error elimination for 3rd level support takes place on-site by our experts. 

Operational management (1st and 2nd Level Support) 

Diagnostics and analysis are carried out automatically 24/7. Any errors that occur are repaired using the Quality of Service offer - both via remote access and on-site, and even at night. In individual cases, the vehicle must be taken to one of our maintenance depots: in this case, you will be informed in advance to discuss further work on your vehicle. 

„Quality of Service“ (3rd Level QoS) 

"Quality of Service" comprises 24/5 maintenance and servicing measures that are processed within 72 hours of the errors occurring. Our experts fix the errors directly on your premises. 

Colibri warranty extension 

With the Colibri warranty extension, you have the option of extending the warranty period for active hardware components, such as access points and central computers, from the previous 2 years to up to 6 years from commissioning. With this you consolidate security for your transport contract. 


You can receive reports (standard or extended) on the vehicles and systems in operation. For example, the volume of data used with the help of hotspots and the internet (broken down by provider) as well as errors that have occurred are listed. 

Colibri API 

The Colibri API (Application Programming Interface) retrieves data from the cloud backend that has been sent from the central computer, among other things. It supports queries and data exports, such as location data and system information and status. For example, data imports and connections of the client back offices can also take place.