Benefit with our experienced experts and effective processes

Overhaul & general inspection

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Article:  Benefit with our experienced experts and effective processes

Well on your way with DB Fahrzeuginstandhaltung

Safety on the rails is our core business, so you can rely on our experienced heavy maintenance experts to regularly monitor your safety-critical facilities, laying the groundwork for safe and sustainable operations. When performing overhauls, we will be happy to implement the specific requirements you have in accordance with the guidelines for the various classes at issue. We will prepare an attractive offer for you.

In addition to carrying out mandatory work and replacing components as a preventive measure, we also perform required maintenance work on carriage bodies. Thanks to our extensive experience and wide-ranging expertise, you reap the benefits of effective processes drawn from a single source. Incidentally, we can perform other services that maintain the value and increase the comfort of your vehicles while they are at our maintenance depot.

Further testing services for your rail vehicle
  • Brake revisions 3 (BR 3)
  • Non-destructive testing on all vehicle components
  • Measurement of vehicle geometry
  • Examination of all safety-critical components
  • Examination of running gears and bogies
  • Examination of buffing and draw gears
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Our general inspection expertise
  • Work in accordance with Section 32 of the German Railway Construction and Operating Regulations (Railway Construction and Operating Regulations, "EBO")
  • Implementation of specific national rules and regulations
  • Knowledge of applicable regulations (GCU, VPI)
  • Overhauls carried out according to your specifications and manufacturer recommendations
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