Inspections and maintenance of traction motors for your vehicle fleet


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Article: Inspections and maintenance of traction motors for your vehicle fleet

Experienced electrical experts for your motors

Do you need support for your electric motors? Not only do we have the technology required to overhaul traction motors, we have also acquired valuable skills in carrying out heavy maintenance that involves new solid-state coil windings and new magnetic laminated cores. Our experienced experts can also perform full restorations for you. Here, the assembly can be transitioned from the prototype stage to routine operation using a new insulating system and testing techniques. We have all the facilities and equipment to repair traction motors.

Our infrastructure
  • Washing facilities for traction motor stands and traction motor rotors
  • Vacuum drying ovens
  • Inductive remover for stator laminated cores from single-phase series-wound motors
  • Commutator undercutting machines
  • Rotor balancing bench
  • Vacuum pressure impregnation system with drying oven
  • Thermal paint stripping oven
  • Dual-chamber test area for carrying out qualified functional tests on traction motors
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