Maintenance of couplings according to your requirements

Buffing, draw gear & coupling elements

The optimal connection.

Article: Maintenance of couplings according to your requirements

Your experienced partner for couplings

Do you need expertise for your coupling elements? We're here for you as specialists for maintenance, repair and overhaul of coupling systems. We draw on our many years of experience and our expertise to provide the secure mechanical connection of your rail vehicles to one another. You benefit from our broad specialist knowledge about everything from automatic central buffer couplings to shunting couplers. In addition, we offer you technical expertise in the repair and overhaul of buffing and draw gear and provide you with smart repair concepts for crash buffers, for example.

As a reliable and experienced partner for the repair and general overhaul of couplings, we focus entirely on your requirements. We also offer you the option of repairing only the coupler head or the buffing and draw gear on automatic couplings. Thanks to smart production processes and an ideal infrastructure, we are able to recondition more than 1,400 couplings a year for Deutsche Bahn and other rail companies in Germany and abroad.

Our service profile for diesel multiple units, electric multiple units and high-speed trains (ICE)
  • Couplings from various manufacturers
  • Automatic couplings
  • Close couplings
  • Transition and emergency couplings
Our service profile for shunting couplers
  • Full dismantling and cleaning
  • Inspection of assemblies
  • Reconditioning or replacement of assemblies
  • Painting the shunting coupler
  • Testing the shunting coupler for proper functioning