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Article: Your partner for purchasing used spare parts, vehicles and equipment

Our innovative DB Resale online platform extend the lifetime of used items, conserves valuable resources and reduces the burden on the environment. Our online portal provides you with spare parts, used rail and construction equipment, machine tools, technical equipment, devices and workshop equipment, a wide variety of used assets and secondary raw materials for sale. Whether used, refurbished or as good as new, new products and auctions are added daily. Once you have registered online, you can enjoy a quick and easy access and submit your bids by the specified deadlines. Our sales team will be happy to assist you with any special enquiries you have. 

Long-term spare parts supply  

Resale & Services supports you actively with planning and procurement of rail vehicle spare parts. Viewing the maintenance history allows for valid predictions and avoids materials bottlenecks. In order to prepare a reasonable plan for the entire supply of spare parts, the resale team draws on DB Fahrzeuginstandhaltung's many years of experience with vehicles of many different types, years and service lives. This sound data is used for highly precise forecasts as to which components need to be replaced and when. Apart from this experience, our knowledge of the market and our customers' fleets and operational data also help us to ensure optimal planning. In this way, we support you in increasing your vehicle availability.  

Forward-looking planning  

Once we have coordinated with you on spare parts planning, including the ideal ordering times and material costs, our team takes over the procurement process. Thanks to the DB Group's broad network of suppliers, we can ensure you are supplied with the spare parts you need, in the right number and with the right quality. The parts are then stored at DB or at your facilities until they are needed. We draw on our network of depots throughout Germany, through which we can use our stocks of material flexibly. Your advantage: You can easily obtain spare parts stored in our own maintenance depots and avoid potential delivery bottlenecks - saving you valuable time. 

Assets of our online platform 
  • Shunting locomotives, maintenance cars, ancillary vehicles and rail cranes 
  • Track-laying machines, track maintenance and overhead line vehicles 
  • Construction vehicles, forklifts and industrial trucks 
  • Machine tools and depot equipment 
  • Emergency power and diesel generators 
  • Vegetation technology 
  • Tank systems, crane systems and containers 
  • Office equipment 
  • Collectors' items/DB originals for railway fans 

Please feel free to contact us if you would also like to market your assets profitably and benefit from our expert knowledge. Our experienced sales team will be happy to assist you with marketing that optimises your revenue.