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One move ahead.

Article: Partner at eye level

Germany needs strong railways and the railway industry needs strong vehicle maintenance. We extend the life cycle of rail vehicles and their components. We make a decisive contribution to vehicle availability and to coping with the rapid growth in traffic. At the same time, sustainability is a fundamental part of our corporate identity.

In order to be one move ahead, we are meeting the future challenges of the railway industry as a strong maintenance provider together with our customers.

To this end, we provide targeted maintenance services throughout Germany and focus on our core markets:

  • Maintenance, overhaul and accident repair of rail vehicles in passenger and freight transport
  • Component reconditioning, such as of large engines, powerpacks, brakes, wheelsets, bogies, air-conditioning units and electronics.

The basis of efficient and sustainable action is a well thought-out strategy. It enables us to have a clear focus and to act in a targeted, future-oriented manner.

Our strategy is divided into three essential elements:

We live operational excellence

Thanks to our many years of expertise, we get our customers' trains back on track quickly and safely. In doing so, we are constantly working on optimising our processes and interfaces in order to be even better, faster and more sustainable.

With the continuous further development of our operational excellence, we are also having a lasting effect on efficiency and customer orientation in all areas of DB Fahrzeuginstandhaltung in future processes. To this end, the development and organisation-wide implementation of process and production optimisation standards are being driven forward.

Cooperation in partnership

With reliable production resources, we support our customers in all aspects of maintenance as an established business partner. In doing so, their perspective is particularly important to us. Together, we identify levers and develop solutions that deliver the greatest added value for their individual needs and work together with our customers as partners and at eye level.

Through innovative concepts in full service and as a general contractor for our business partners, we align our services with the requirements of the future and build a solid foundation for transparent and long-term cooperation.

We are growing and becoming more sustainable

Through our strong team and extensive workshop network, we ensure high vehicle availability every day, create capacity and develop technologies as a central building block for growth on the railways. We are digitising maintenance and meeting the challenges of an increasingly dynamic environment. By using modern technology in our maintenance depots, such as 3D printing, Colibri, Digital Twins and Alternative Drives, we are creating the basis for the digital maintenance of the future.

Continuous optimisation creates capacity where growth and resources are needed to be ready for the maintenance market of the future. This also requires targeted investments and a long-term strategic orientation of our plants. We are also constantly sharpening our product portfolio. This focus is important for the sustainable implementation of our customers' requirements. In addition, we are focusing on the strategic expansion and new construction of maintenance capacities.

For example, a new, modern maintenance plant is being built at the Cottbus site. In addition to the established and well-known processes for environmental planning, one focus of the project is on ecological sustainability. We continuously optimise our resource consumption in terms of complete reuse, take our ecological responsibility seriously and make our contribution to sustainability through 100% green electricity by 2025 and climate-neutral plants by 2040.