Using resources efficiently

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Corporate strategy

Germany needs Strong Rail.

Article: Using resources efficiently

We are safeguarding the future of our company through a long-term, forward-looking and well-founded strategy. Find out more here about how we at DB Fahrzeuginstandhaltung are setting our course and what is important to us. 

Germany needs a strong rail system, and the rail industry needs strong vehicle maintenance. We are facing the future challenges of the rail industry together. By performing maintenance on rail vehicles and components, we are making a crucial contribution to managing the rapid growth in transport in a sustainable way – as maintenance means making the best possible use of current resources. To this end, we provide targeted maintenance services throughout Germany, focusing on our core markets: 

  • Maintenance of rail vehicles in the areas of overhauls, projects and accident repair in passenger rail service 
  • Component reconditioning, for example of heavy-duty engines, power packs, brakes, wheel sets, bogies, air-conditioning units and electronics 

We ensure production resources are available at all times 

  • By expanding and creating maintenance capacities, we increase the availability of vehicles and components. With the construction of DB's most state-of-the-art and environmentally friendly maintenance depot in Cottbus, we are making an important contribution towards this. 
  • Through innovative concepts in full service and the expansion of the "ECM*1-4 competency" we are aligning our services to the requirements of the future. 

We reduce depot turnaround and throughput times 

  • Through the holistic optimisation of our processes and working methods, we are increasing efficiency and quality in the long term. We consistently avoid waste. 
  • We are digitalising maintenance. By using modern technology in our maintenance depots, such as 3D printing, we are creating the basis for the digital maintenance of the future. 
  • We are a strong team that supports the high level of availability of your trains every day – because vehicle availability is a central component for growth on the railways. 

We become more sustainable 

  • We optimise the life cycle of vehicles and components through maintenance. Sustainability is therefore already a fundamental part of our corporate identity. 
  • We continuously optimise resource consumption in the sense of complete reuse. 
  • We take our ecological responsibility seriously and make our contribution to sustainability by using 100% green electricity by 2025 and climate-neutral plants by 2040. 

*Entity in Charge of Maintenance