Your strong partner for maintenance

Entity in Charge of Maintenance (ECM)

Maintenance according to state-of-the-art standards.

Article: Your strong partner for maintenance

As a keeper of railway vehicles, you are responsible for the maintenance of your vehicles. You can transfer the tasks of the entity in charge of maintenance to a third party by contract. According to EU Regulation 2019/779, an "Entity in Charge of Maintenance" (ECM) must thus be designated for each vehicle and a "Maintenance Management System" (MMS) must be set up that maps the requirements to the ECM Regulation. This makes the risks in the regular organisation controllable via a corresponding process world. 

As an expert in vehicle maintenance, we are building up the competence to take on the ECM management function so that we can assume this role on behalf of our clients. 

What is an ECM? 

ECM management function (ECM 1) 
Coordination and overall responsibility  

Maintenance development function (ECM 2) 
Development of maintenance programmes as well as the administration of maintenance-relevant and vehicle-technical documents 

Fleet maintenance management function (ECM 3) 
Arranges for the vehicles to be taken into maintenance and put back into service  

Maintenance delivery function (ECM 4) 
Performs and documents the maintenance services on the vehicles